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Our Creations | The businesses in this section all originated at Sandbox, founded and grown by Sandbox associates. It is important to our culture to enable our people to start any business they feel passionate about. Being entrepreneurs ourselves helps us become better investors and retain an important connection to management teams. From ideas on a whiteboard to fully operational businesses, we take special pride in this portfolio.


Lab42 is a consumer market research company that conducts online research by fielding surveys to targeted users through social networks. The company, which is an alternative to expensive and inaccurate market research done by other firms, was created as an answer to Sandbox's own market research needs. As a team of entrepreneurs, Sandbox needed an inexpensive, reliable and fast way to conduct market research, and founding Lab42 was the result.

Marbles: The Brain Store

Marbles: The Brain store offers games, puzzles, books and software that strengthen and stimulate the brain. Products are hand-picked and expert-tested to benefit memory, critical thinking, visual perception, coordination and word skills. Marbles BrainCoaches are passionate about learning new things and creating a fun, interactive environment where customers try product recommendations in store and can watch how-to-play videos online. Experience Marbles at the location nearest you and online at Where brains come to play!


doggyloot is revolutionizing the large pet products industry by making online shopping for your dog simple and inexpensive. Dog owners join doggyloot to discover hand-selected deals on chews, toys, treats, accessories and more each day - all at 25 to 75 percent off.