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Millie Tadewaldt on What Makes You a "Born Entrepreneur"

Managing Director Millie Tadewaldt was interviewed by Business News Daily for an article titled, "Want to Start a Business? 10 Signs You've Got What It Takes." Tadewaldt and a number of other startup founders and the like told the publication what qualities you need to be a successful entrepreneur. See what she had to say below: "A willingness to do every part of the job, no matter how undesirable it may be, is a critical sign of a born entrepreneur, said Millie Tadewaldt, managing director at Sandbox Industries and co-founder of a number of her own companies, including DoggyLoot, Lost Crates and CakeStyle. "'A born entrepreneur won't shy away from doing the grunt work,' Tadewaldt told BusinessNewsDaily. She said they understand that having a full grasp of every aspect of their business is required to optimize processes and be a good manager." Read more and see what other entrepreneurs had to say here.