Healthbox's Jenna Rose Discusses Healthcare Accelerators with Xconomy Boston

Jenna Rose, Director of Healthbox, was interviewed by Xconomy Boston for an article titled, "Health Incubator Boom Driven by Demand, Says Healthbox's Jenna Rose." In it, Jenna discusses why the boom has happened (because of demand from both entrepreneurs and investors), Boston's vibrant entrepreneurial scene, and trends among Healthbox applicants (analytics is a theme), among other things. Read an excerpt from the article below: X: "What sets Healthbox apart in the sea of incubators, particularly in healthcare?" JR: "This is something we think about a lot. It’s true there have been a lot of new accelerators that have come into the tech space and health space in the last few years. But it shows there really is a demand out there for support for innovation—on the part of entrepreneurs, and mentors and investors who want greater access to these early stage startups. The biggest takeaway I get from this trend is a need. I think over the next couple of years we will see the accelerator model evolve as we learn to support that need. And we really try to be industry centric. We’re looking to solve the biggest problems in the industry. We’re trying to bring together people who have deep experience across the spectrum of healthcare—leaders, hospitals, health plan providers, physician groups—so entrepreneurs are getting broad insights, not just one perspective." Read the full article and interview on Xconomy Boston.