Chicago Tribune and MedCity News cover Healthbox Investor Day

Healthcare accelerator Healthbox's inaugural Investor Day took place on April 4th, where the 10 teams presented and pitched to an auditorium full of sponsors, mentors, and investors. The event was covered by MedCity news as well as the Chicago Tribune, which focused on the SwipeSense team of Yuri Malina and Mert Iseri. MedCity News discussed Healthbox's announcement that it will expand to Boston: "Healthbox is joining RockHealth in expanding to Boston. The Chicago accelerator announced yesterdayat its Investor Day that applications are now open for a class that will run from August to October. "At the grand finale for the first class of entrepreneurs, 10 companies presented ideas that ranged frominventing hand-washing 2.0 to using conversation analysis to reduce readmission rates to turning a doctor’s paper billing process into a smartphone app. "Healthbox founder Nina Nashif said that two of the most disruptive forces in healthcare are the availability of data and the increase in consumerism. She has been watching the Blue Button initiative as an example of both trends. "'I think it’s one step in the right direction, having more access to information about your care,' she said. 'Of course, it’s one thing to provide the data, another to make it accessible.' "The National chief technology officer Todd Park was the keynote speaker at the event and took the stage before the 10 companies presented their business ideas. He said that when the Blue Button project was first launched, some officials thought success would be 25,000 people downloading their health records." Continue reading on MedCity News. Learn more about SwipeSense and the team's progress at Healthbox on the Chicago Tribune.