CakeStyle featured in TechCocktail

In an article titled, "CakeStyle, the online personal shopping service for women," TechCocktail quoted founder Cecelia Myers about what it's like to work in venture capital and keep up with customers who have schedules as busy as her own. Read an excerpt below: "As an entrepreneur, you are the face of your company. First impressions are important and consequently so too are appearances. The time and energy required to find stylish attire, however, likely is not the best use of your time. Quite the conundrum. "CakeStyle is here to save the day. "Similar to the much-hyped Truck Club, the online personal shopping service for men,CakeStyle works under the same premise but for women. "For Cecelia Myers, company co-founder and CEO, CakeStyle was a long time coming.
“While working with women in Venture Capital and startups, I found myself always having conversations with them about how difficult and time consuming it was to style themselves. They were often presenting in front of people, and wanted to look stylish while still capturing their personalities. Hiring a personal stylist wasn’t what they were looking for, but they also didn’t want to spend the hours it took in a department store to update their wardrobes. CakeStyle’s convenient, quarterly wardrobe updates delivered to your door came out of those conversations,” says Myers.
"Each quarter, CakeStyle sends customers a box of customized clothing based on their size, style preferences, and seasonality (including a video explaining each selection). Keep what you like, send back the rest in their pre-paid postage box. Simple as that." Continue reading on TechCrunch.