Startup Foundry

Sandbox Industries began as a startup foundry: a place where new business ideas are identified, internally developed, and new products and services are launched into the market. A fund was raised to support internal business exploration and growth.

Starting new companies is one of our primary focuses today. Our foundry's startups begin as ideas, are researched and prototyped, then launched to become operational businesses, products and services.

Our process is simple: brainstorm as many ideas as possible, quickly and cheaply test the best ideas, continue to iterate and tweak the concepts we love and that spark customer interest, and launch new businesses into the market. We iterate constantly by reviewing customer feedback and analyzing metrics to transform and improve our businesses.

BCBS Ventures

A collaborative investment vehicle that seeks to invest in emerging technologies in the healthcare industry.  We are always looking for partners, investors and entrepreneurs looking to transform this space with us. BLUE CROSS BLUE SHIELD FUND I BlueCross BlueShield Venture Partners, L.P. is a $116 million corporate venture fund sponsored by the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association, an association of independent Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies. We invest in promising emerging companies of strategic relevance to Blue Cross and/or Blue Shield plans on whose behalf we work. Together, we work to grow each of our investments. BLUE CROSS BLUE SHIELD FUND II BCBS Fund II is a $179 million fund and the second corporate venture fund sponsored by the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association. We continue to invest in promising emerging companies of strategic relevance to Blue Cross and/or Blue Shield plans who are participating in the second fund.

Sandbox Venture Fund

Sandbox Industries is not your traditional venture capital firm. We have raised funds and made investments that make us appear as if we are, and our limited partners benefit similarly to those who invest in traditional firms, but we feel we provide more to the companies and people in which we invest. This is because we create businesses internally, through our startup foundry, and this allows us to be better investors who not only provide money, but also mentorship, learnings and knowledge each step of the way.


An $18.8 million fund was raised with limited partners to support the growth of internally-founded companies, and has since been used to make external early-stage investments as well.

Our investments are not industry specific; we invest in good ideas and good people.


Healthbox uncovers and fosters innovative healthcare solutions, delivering a collaborative infrastructure to enable entrepreneurial success. The entrepreneurs selected to participate in one of the 16-week programs receive structured, customized support designed to address the challenges unique to starting a business in healthcare. Healthbox startups gain $50,000 in seed capital, industry context, user insight, market traction, mentorship, and guidance for fundraising and growth. In exchange, the Healthbox limited partners, which include prominent healthcare providers, payers, investors and employers, receive a small stake of equity in each company and unparalleled insight into early-stage healthcare innovation. Based in Chicago, Boston, and London, Healthbox fostered 27 companies in its first year alone.  Go to to learn more about Healthbox, our partners, mentors, portfolio companies, and upcoming programs. BlueCross BlueShield Venture Partners II Fund and the Sandbox Advantage Fund are investors in Healthbox Chicago 2012.

Cultivian Sandbox

By 2050 the United Nations Food & Agriculture Organization (“FAO”) estimates the world will need 100 percent more food, 70 percent of which must come from new technologies. To meet this challenge we need a greater level of technology investment now. Cultivian Sandbox Ventures was created to address this opportunity by investing in emerging agribusiness companies that are seeking the needed solutions.

As both operators and venture investors we add value to portfolio companies both through our highly skilled team and extensive industry network. Our expertise in sourcing, evaluating, closing, managing and ultimately exiting successful equity investments positions us to not only build stronger businesses, but reshape industries.

Cultivian Sandbox was formed from a unique partnership between two premier venture firms Cultivian ventures and Sandbox Industries to create a new firm, Cultivian Sandbox.

To learn more please visit our fund website

Excelerate Labs

Excelerate Labs is an intensive summer accelerator for startups driven by proven entrepreneurs and investors. Led by world-class entrepreneurs, the program is unique in attracting scores of mentors from around the country to work with the teams in direct one-on-one meetings. The program selects 10 companies  to participate in the intensive 13-week summer program, during which the startups build connections as well as their businesses. Excelerate culminates in an Investor Demo Day, where the companies showcase their progress and plans to angel and venture investors from around the country. We provide initial investment and mentorship to all companies in the program, as well as additional funding to some of those companies on Investor Demo Day. Learn more at the Excelerate website.

Sandbox Advantage Fund

Sandbox's newest fund, Sandbox Advantage Fund, co-invests alongside the BlueCross BlueShield Venture Partners II Fund and the Cultivian Sandbox Food & Agriculture Fund II, invests directly in new businesses started by the Sandbox Foundry, and invests in other companies and funds sourced through its CIVs. We are currently looking for corporate partners and investors to participate in this "advantaged investing."

Sandbox Innovation Consulting

Sandbox Innovation Partners is a subsidiary of Sandbox Industries that utilizes our large global network to discover, curate, and connect corporations with disruptive emerging companies innovating at the core and on the periphery of our clients’ businesses. We believe great things happen when early-stage companies bring their drive, fearlessness, and innovation to the table alongside the expertise, industry knowledge, brands, and distribution capabilities possessed by our corporate clients. We’ve seen this work again and again.

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Our Creations

Our Creations


About Sandbox Industries

We often like to describe Sandbox Industries as a philosophy that guides us in creating new businesses, new funds and new opportunities. The juxtaposition of Sandbox (a place for creativity and collaboration) and Industries (an understanding that metrics and results matter) represents the essence of the company. Our goal is to have an environment that allows our people, our investors and our partners to grow with the company and shape its future.

Sandbox Industries occupies a unique position at the intersection of entrepreneurial thinking and large corporate enterprises. Largely because of the background of our management and advisors and our activities working closely with entrepreneurs and early stage companies we understand and appreciate both worlds. We are firm believers that most substantive change will come from disruptions created by entrepreneurs and we strive to connect those entrepreneurs with strategic players in industry.

From Sandbox’s beginnings in 2003, our philosophy has been based on two fundamental ideas: first, source and assess a large number of business ideas, find the most promising ones, and identify killer questions to test those ideas capital-efficiently. Second, bridge the gap between entrepreneurs and large companies in search of leading technologies to propel the growth of both.

Over the last ten years these practices have led us into many different businesses: startups, collaborative venture capital, accelerators, and innovation consulting. We aim to build the bridge by sourcing a substantial number of ideas and connecting the most plausible solutions to our large company relationships.

In addition to the above, at Sandbox we are explorers. We believe that when seemingly disparate ideas are apposed, they can yield something market-changing.

This molecular mindset to business strategy is part of our approach; the greater the number of connections we can make on behalf of our companies, large and small, the greater the probability that something amazing will happen.