About Sandbox Industries

We often like to describe Sandbox Industries as a philosophy that guides us in creating new businesses, new funds and new opportunities. The juxtaposition of Sandbox (a place for creativity and collaboration) and Industries (an understanding that metrics and results matter) represents the essence of the company. Our goal is to have an environment that allows our people, our investors and our partners to grow with the company and shape its future.

Sandbox Industries occupies a unique position at the intersection of entrepreneurial thinking and large corporate enterprises. Largely because of the background of our management and advisors and our activities working closely with entrepreneurs and early stage companies we understand and appreciate both worlds. We are firm believers that most substantive change will come from disruptions created by entrepreneurs and we strive to connect those entrepreneurs with strategic players in industry.

From Sandbox's beginnings in 2003, our philosophy has been based on two fundamental ideas: first, source and assess a large number of business ideas, find the most promising ones, and identify killer questions to test those ideas capital-efficiently. Second, bridge the gap between entrepreneurs and large companies in search of leading technologies to propel the growth of both.

Over the last ten years these practices have led us into many different businesses: startups, collaborative venture capital, accelerators, and innovation consulting. We aim to build the bridge by sourcing a substantial number of ideas and connecting the most plausible solutions to our large company relationships.

In addition to the above, at Sandbox we are explorers. We believe that when seemingly disparate ideas are apposed, they can yield something market-changing.

This molecular mindset to business strategy is part of our approach; the greater the number of connections we can make on behalf of our companies, large and small, the greater the probability that something amazing will happen.